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  • For couple of years now I have been dealing with severe back and neck pain. I could not take it anymore. Not being able to get out of bed by myself or needing help picking up an object I had dropped, made me feel helpless. Then I came to Holistic Health Center. After several treatments I am now able to get out of bed without any help. I am back to lifting weights and feeling like a young man again. The staff is very caring and available to answer any questions I have. The environment is relaxing

    Show More - Ernal P.
  • In 1978 I suffered a severe knee injury. Since then, it has gotten progressively worse. In 2004 I started walking with a pronounced limp. My knee hurt really bad, it was always swollen, and some days I could hardly walk. I had accepted that my knee would always hurt and I would always limp. Then in November of 2012, I began treatments at Holistic Health Center, with Dr. Kahin. Today, my knee feels better than it has in years and the swelling has reduced substantially. I enjoy my visits, a

    Show More - Charlotte D.
  • After being treated by Dr. Kahin for the past five months, my quality of life has surpassed more than the three years of treatment by my previous chiropractor. Dr. Kahin has chosen a path of recovery for me which has been helping me improve on a monthly basis.

    - Donald T.
  • I have seen many professionals to help me with my leg and feet issues that I have had for over 7 years. No one was able to help me get better. I could not stand for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Most just treated the pain. DR K. analyzed what was wrong and is providing treatment so I can stand for close to an hour! She is knowledgeable and caring. Highly Recommend.

    Show More - Benjamin M.
  • Dr. K and her staff are outstanding. Professional and kind and best of all...her treatments work! Nice to see a doctor who is willing to listen. I highly recommend her; I was recommended by a friend. Thanks, Nan!

    - Patty W.
  • I fell 35 ft. Out of a tree I've been going to see Dr. K for 2yrs it has been a miracle to me changed my day to day 100% excellent service would highly recommend to everyone!!

    - Matthew J.
  • Dr. K does a great job, not just adjusting, but also giving suggestions for exercises and behavioral changes that will help prevent issues in the future. Every time I go in there are more suggestions to make my back stronger and improve pain that I assume is back related, but is actually connected to other areas and muscle groups.

    Show More - Austin H.
  • Before they did anything they gave me x-rays to see what my back problem was gave me back adjustment, exercises to do and the problem eased I went on a nutritionist food plan to detox my body, health improved a great deal, now on the road to good health!

    - Melvin C.

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